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Understanding A Scotch Label

Understanding a Scotch Label

To grasp the understanding of a scotch label takes the ability to understand many things. National laws, marketing, tradition, as well as whim are placed on the label of this fine product. This simple guide can get you through the confusion of whatís inside the bottle.

If you are looking for a true scotch whisky then the label should say exactly that, if the spelling is different, than that it is not made in Scotland rather it is made elsewhere. Look for the words single malt they can be broken up yet they will say single malt if that is what it is. The only way to identify a true single malt whisky is to do research, never take the name as itís word on quality; many names have been forged to hide the identity of the true distiller.

If the alcohol content per volume reads more than fifty percent then it would be best to water down this malt as it is rated by cask strength and will be stronger please do not mistake percentage with proof.

And finally check the date of bottling it does not age once bottled.




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